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Tips To Help You Organize Your Closet

Every day you face the same problem of figuring out what you want to wear that day. But this problem is worsened by the state of your closet. Therefore due to this mess, you tend to wear the same couple of outfits all the time. That is because these are the only ones that are easily accessible. Now the most obvious solution would be to clean out your closet. But no matter how many times you refolded your clothes and stacked them in the closet a mess is created after a couple of days. However, the problem with your action may be that you haven’t fully organized your closet. Simply refolding your clothes is not sufficient.

Select The Right Hangers

Something that we all tend to do is purchase a big stack of economical hangers from a sale. We do this because it is cost effective. However, what we fail to understand is that different types of hangers exist for a reason. These types are hangers are needed for different reasons. For instance, boho chic dresses would require a different hanger compared to silk dresses. Therefore try to invest in some quality hangers of different types. This would also prevent clothes from sliding out of the hangers.

Like Items Together

A mistake that we all make is that we simply fold the clothes and place them in the closet. Therefore when we need something to wear we tend to turn everything upside down. This problem can be easily solved by placing like items together. For instance, your boho style clothing would be considered everyday clothing. Therefore they should be placed in the front because it would make it easily accessible. But the formal wear which you don’t use regularly should be placed at the back of the closet. This way you would not have to look through everything to find an item.

Get Rid Of The Dry Cleaning Bags

In order to ‘protect’ our clothing, we tend to keep them in their dry cleaning bags even after we hang them in the closet. This can easily be one of your biggest mistakes with regard to organizing your closet. That is because not only do these dry cleaning bags take a considerable amount of space. But they also tend to damage your clothes. That is because moisture is trapped inside the bag without a way to leave.
Normally individuals consider organizing their closet to be a waste of time. But if you follow the aforementioned tips you would go on to see a significant difference.