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Getting To Know Trinkets Made By Hand

Tickets made with precious and semi precious stones that are made at home or made by hand by skilled artisans and craftsmen have been in demand for many reasons. You too may have a collection at home that you got custom made or bought on vacation from the roadside. But do you ever think why they are more meaningful and precious than their mass made counterparts? Let’s look at some reasons as to why they are really sought-after.

They have history: handmade jewellery is not simply made for mass scale selling. Each artisan spends a lot of time collecting material, designing and manufacturing each piece. They will often have unique stories behind the work they do. Some would have been influenced by historical details or events from their own lives to get in to the trade of making them by hand. So whatever it may be you can be sure that you are buying more than just a piece of ornamentation, you will be buying a piece of the artisan itself.

Supporting people: when you buy handcrafted trinkets you can be sure that your money is actually going to a human being and not a large corporation. You can be sure that the money you give them is used to sustain the artisans and their families. You can also be happy knowing that you are supporting a trade or a unique craft for the future generations to enjoy as well.

Attention to detail: mass made jewellery are made using machines and they can churn out thousands o pieces within a day. However a person crafting them by hand can make only a limited quantity as they have to do everything by hand. For an example an items such as leather wrap bracelets will need carving, sewing and soldering that need to be done my hand, all of which take time. By making them by hand the artisan is able to devote a lot of time to each piece making them less flawed than the machine made ones.

Uniqueness: hand crafted items are mostly limited edition, which means very few people will own the same piece. This makes the jewellery you buy very exclusive and unique. So if standing out in a crowd or creating your personal style then going for handcrafted items is the best way.

Unique process: it is likely that no two artisans will be using the same process to make their pieces. Just like a fingerprint being unique, the process and the marks the artisan leaves on the trinkets he or she creates are unique and personal to the artisan making the work more personal. This can really create added value on the pieces that you purchase.
So the next time you think of buying such handcrafted pieces, don’t be scared to pay a little bit more for the value they can offer.