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How To Propose To Your Girlfriend: Simple Steps

If you’ve been wondering about proposing to your girlfriend for a while and feel that it’s time to take your relationship to the next level and get married, you’re probably trying to think of a way to propose to her that’ll ensure you get the answer that you want to hear. If she feels the same way about you, she’ll probably say yes anyway – so don’t worry too much. However, proposing is a memorable moment, so it’ll probably mean a lot to you both that you get it just right. Here are some simple steps to follow. Use this link to know more on how to prepare proposing to your girlfriend.

Make sure the ring fits
You probably don’t know your girlfriend’s ring size, so you’ll have to find this out before you go shopping for an engagement ring. Whether or not you decide to buy the ring first and propose to her with it, or go engagement ring shopping after she’s said yes so you can both choose one is up to you. If you are thinking of buying it first, though, make sure that it fits and that it’s a style she likes. It’s easy to find out her finger size by taking a ring she currently wears to a jewellery shop to be measured, and if you’re not sure what style or type to choose, speak to her mum, sisters, or best friend who’ll probably have a good idea of the type of jewellery she loves. Be careful, though – you don’t want them spoiling her surprise by telling her your plans! Check this to have more ideas in simple ways to propose.  

Time it right
There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ time to propose, although you’ll probably want to make sure she’s already happy and not stressed when you do. Don’t propose after an argument, as she’ll probably only think you’re doing it to calm her down, and end up saying no, only to retract when she’s feeling less annoyed. Depending on how you plan your proposal, you should pick a time that you know is best for you both. If you’d like a low key, personal proposal, take her on a quiet date or for a nice walk and then surprise her, or if you’re thinking of something a little more crazy and flamboyant, propose during a sporting activity or when participating in something else that you both love doing such as scuba diving or parachuting. It really does depend on you both as a couple, and what you both enjoy doing for fun or recreation.