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The Many Types Of Diamond Rings

Naturally the diamond rings are classified as per their design, types of settings, shape, cut and the metal which is used to make the perfect band. Here are the types of diamond rings from which you can choose your favorite one.

  1. Solitaire engagement rings: This is a common choice of the ladies to have solitaires for their engagement parties. These rings are built up of single diamond in the setting. The prongs are there to hold it perfectly. The bezel setting and also the tension setting are used in solitaire rings.
  2. Rings with the side stones: Before you choose your engagement rings, have a look in to the rings with the side stones. A single diamond is centered on the ring and then it is surrounded with the small diamonds.
  3. Three stone rings: This is a very popular choice by the modern brides too. A single diamond in the center and two stones are placed on each side of the single and prominent diamond. For such rings yellow gold is also used to build up the bands to hold these three stones perfectly.
  4. Pave rings: The pave rings are designed with small diamonds placed on the band. The metal prongs are too tiny to be looked as the droplets of metal. Small setting diamonds is good with these pave rings and they look quite different. A big single stone is also liked by people in modern times. A center diamond with the setting of side stones – is available in the market too.

The type of settings of diamond rings

There are several types of settings available for holding the diamonds in the rings. Here are some of the popular settings.

  1. Prong settings: The diamonds are set up with metal projections, with four or six commonly. But more than six prongs are also used as per the need of the rings.
  2. Bezel settings: The diamonds are surrounded with band of suitable metal. It can be fully surrounded or partially surrounded by the metal. The outer part of the rings is held by metal bands.
  3. Invisible settings: The chocolate diamond rings are held in a framework which is present under the stone. But you cannot see them from the top of the ring when you look at it.
  4. Channel settings: The typical channel settings contain the small diamonds in one circle, round the metallic band of the ring.

Now, when you are aware of the types of these rings, you can choose the ones you like the most.