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Handmade Leather Sandals – The History

Sandals has been around us for a really long time, and handmade leather sandals from K and Ko Leather have been made and used for thousands of years. Sandals are really simple footwear which is composed of a sole that is held to the foot by various types’ straps. Ancient Greeks are the inventors of different style leather sandals, and they developed a shoemaking skill that was and is still considered as art.

Homemade leather sandals were developed by the Greeks in around 500 BC. Rumor says that a Greek can say many things about a person from his style of shoes. In the old days sandals in Greece were made from really stiff leather or wooden sole where leather straps were attached to make them wearable. Designs of these sandals were created by different ways and resulted in the leathers straps wrapped around the ankle and the foot.

Wealthy people often wore really soft leather sandals, and most of the times those were colorful. In some cases, the very wealthy wore gold painted sandals where the leather was covered in real gold. There were some womens leather sandals which has the soles made from cork. As a result, they would appear taller than before and these shoes were often used among stage actors. These types of sandals were called Buskins.

Another art that was around at that time is the special designs and engravings in the sandals. The shoemakers would often design some really creative curves or designs under the sole as a result, whenever one walks, he will leave very unique footprints behind. There was one pair of ancient Greek shoe found and it had the work “Follow Me” written in every footprint. The workers usually wore heavy duty handmade leather sandals, with extra-large sole and good coverage to protect the sides of the food.

Shoemakers became really respected members of the Greek society around that time and they trusted that their creations were protected by theGod Apollo. Apollo was the god of sun, music, poetry, and healing. Though the gods and goddesses are always pictured barefoot, their messengers, Hermes and Iris were always painted and described in winged sandals. The queen Hera also wore sandals, it was a golden one.

The art of shoemaking by hand has been going around for more than thousands of years – and day by day, it is becoming better designed and well-built for all sorts of purposes. Leather sandals are one of those ongoing arts that are still affordable to the normal people.